Not Perfect Linen

Several months ago I was able to partner with a fashion line called Not Perfect Linen. This company believes that the true beauty of linen is that it’s not perfect, hence the name! Not only do I love the pieces that were sent to me, but I also love the deeper meaning behind the line of clothing. Perhaps our greatest beauty as people is that we too aren’t perfect, like linen!


My summer wardrobe includes lots of blues, whites, blacks and linen! The main benefit of wearing linen clothing during the summer is the coolness it provides. The weave of linen fibers and the structure causes it to stay away from your skin allowing better airflow over your body. Not only is linen highly absorbent, but it’s also a good conductor of heat for those cooler nights. I had so much fun styling these pieces around downtown Portland. In this blog post you’ll see three looks: Sunday Chic, City Casual and Summer Blues. These looks pair perfectly with my favorite summer activities like flower shopping, sipping my favorite coffee from Barista, boutique browsing and exploring the waterfront on a sunny day.


Not Perfect Linen is an ethical fashion line that’s been opperating since 2014 and is based in Vilnius, Lithuania. If you’re curious what ethical fashion is, make sure to check out my first blog post HERE where I explain it. From the packaging of the clothing to the quality of the pieces, I couldn’t endorse Not Perfect Linen more! Also, I’d like to give a special thanks to Portland Leather Goods for sponsoring the beautiful camel tote.  It’s quickly become my favorite accessory! I hope you enjoy viewing each of the three looks!


Photos: Jared Whitney

Editing by me

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