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{ Many of you know that I’m an Instructor at Oregon State University and not only do I love photography but I love teaching.  This is where I am able to combine both my passions and answer the many questions I receive about the photography industry.  In this section I will be providing tips on how to take great pictures along with information on the biz. }


Several people have emailed me asking for tips on how to start a successful photography business.  I have been building my business aggressively for the past three years and I still have many things that I wish would go better, and I’ll probably always feel that way.  However, I remember what it felt like to be at square one wishing I could fast forward to a flourishing and fulfilling business.  With that being said, I am happy to share any tips or lessons I’ve learned about starting a business.


Here are a few must-haves.


  • Know your unique strengths and leverage them.

If your strengths include building client relationships and conversation, try and meet with as many clients in person as possible. Or perhaps you’ve worked in childcare and know how to make children laugh and feel comfortable; maybe you need to pursue portraiture of children. Knowing your strengths as a person and photographer will allow you to be set apart in your own individual way.


  • Specialize in 1-2 types of photography and immerse yourself in those types rather than generalizing in all of them.

If you don’t work well under strict time constraints and high-pressure situations, weddings probably aren’t your calling. However, maybe you take stunning fine art portraits and gain the most joy and recognition in that area; pursue your passion and be the best that you can in that field.


  • Follow through with your clients.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Actions speak louder than words.   Photographs are the face of a photography business but the clients are the heart. Producing a quality experience for your clients is equally important to producing professional-quality photos.


  • Remember that everything takes time.

Every professional was once an amateur. Successful entrepreneurs don’t just wake up one morning with a thriving business and excellent cliental flocking to buy your products. Knowledge of the field and hard work are the building blocks to any flourishing business. Allow yourself and your business time to grow into something beautiful.


The four tips listed above have been the foundation for my business to grow on.  If you’re a new business, or you simply find yourself in an entrepreneurship rut, try focussing on these tips and applying them to your daily business practices.  If these tips helped encourage you in any way, or if you have any questions about business please note it below in the comment section!

I’d love to hear from you and write more entrepreneurship blogs like this in the future :)


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