Joel + Molly Roloff Farm Wedding

Joel + Molly tied the knot on August 5th, 2017 at Molly’s childhood farm. Their ceremony took place in the forest, a place that Joel and Molly loved to spend time in while they were dating. This couple wanted their wedding to be one where all their guests not only felt welcomed but also valued, and they were very successful in this.  Every detail held elements of romance, authenticity and thoughtfulness, but as I looked around the room I realized that the people were what made this wedding so beautiful. The people were so invested into Joel and Molly’s love story and deeply cared about the couple. As the summer sun began to set I ran out into a wild flower bed with the couple and the photos we created were romantic, fun and swoon worthy! I am completely honored and humbled to have been the photographer for Joel and Molly and I wish this couple the absolute best as they begin this new season of life as Mr. and Mrs. Silvius.

Special thanks to second shooter Tayler Steven

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