Hope from Heaven

{ God has been a big part of my life and I think it’s great to know that there is someone else watching out for us.  God is over the top in love with you and has unimaginable plans for your life!  I hope that you will find encouragement as I share authentic posts about my faith.  He>i represents my desire to seek the kingdom before anything else.  He must become greater; I must become less- John 3:30.  }

While journalling this morning I felt an overwhelming desire to share this entry I wrote.  I needed to hear these loving words from the Father and I hope that you find it encouraging as well.


You. Are. Loved.

Deeply and wholeheartedly loved.

Someone has died for you. Someone who you haven’t treated the best has died for you.

He’s pursued you unhesitatingly.

He’s always seen the best in you. Even in your weakest moments, he’s looked upon you with love and grace.

He’s seen you for who you are becoming, not necessarily who you are in the moment.

He’s showered you with blessings.  Some of these blessings have been your friends..  Some of them your jobs.  Sometimes his blessings come as peace and joy when it doesn’t make sense.

When you have failed he’s always been right there cheering you on.

He’s your biggest encourager.

He laughs with you, he cries with you, and he runs the race of life with you.

He wants to spend eternity with you.

You may ask yourself, “How can someone love me that much?”

You don’t need to know the answer; you need only to receive it as grace. As you receive this grace, your whole being begins to change as you become more like him.

Your face shines brighter. Your fears become smaller. You have more grace to give and love to live.

Your spiritual eyes begin to open as you see life completely different now.

You no longer judge people by how they treat you but realize that we are all created by God and in need of love.

Through disappointments you still feel hurt and you still feel pain but it’s a hurting hope and you have a promise that God will make the situation better in time.

To hurt with hope is better than to hurt without hope.

You are being made new.

You are an encourager.

You are beautiful.

You are full of deeply rooted joy.

You have compassion on your friends and family as you live for more than just yourself.

You are being made new everyday. That is something worth rejoicing over.

Thank you Jesus for always loving us.

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