Hearing God in the silence

{ God has been a big part of my life and I think it’s great to know that there is someone else watching out for us.  God is over the top in love with you and has unimaginable plans for your life!  I hope that you will find encouragement as I share authentic posts about my faith.  He>i represents my desire to seek the kingdom before anything else.  He must become greater; I must become less- John 3:30.  }


Have you ever thought about the role that silence plays in our lives?


As I look back on the past few weeks there were hardly any moments when I was alone and in silence.  Jesus also was constantly surrounded by people and noise.  However, the bible said that he often withdrew to the wilderness and lonely places of silence to pray.


I believe that God can speak to us through the busyness that life often brings but I’m realizing that I can hear and feel him more in the silent moments where my undivided focus is solely on Him.

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